Super Liquor Manukau


Super Liquor is a highly successful chain of retail stores in the liquor industry with over 141 stores across New Zealand. For each of their stores they require an efficient refrigeration system to ensure their liquor products are kept at the optimal temperature. Each system, however, must be customised to fit the size requirements of each store and so extra work must be put in place in designing a tailored HVAC solution. Recently, Super Liquor Manukau reached out to us to supply and install a cooling system that would suit the retail space and the amount of stock needed to be held at any given time. The following objectives were outlined for the project:

  • A refrigeration system offering effective climate control
  • An energy efficient solution
  • A large enough system to maintain the variety of products

What We Did

Our team focused on designing a system to meet each of the objectives outlined, keeping efficiency as a focus for the project. Due to the limited space of the retail store, we spent extra time planning out a discrete and unnoticeable system to house and refrigerate the variety of Super Liquor’s drinks. Once design was complete, we moved ahead and installed a series of HC evaporators from Realcold as well as an 8 door cool room to chill the product range inside. The end result was a complex and sleek system successfully completed in a timely manner.

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