Bluebirds, one of New Zealand’s most well-known and largest brands is a company known across the country for its delicious range of chips and snack food. Recently, Bluebirds invested in upgrading its Auckland offices – a key part of this upgrade included its administration block which required the full design and installation of a new HVAC system. We were very fortunate in being given the opportunity to act as the sub-contractor who carried out the installation of all air conditioning and ventilation equipment for the project. As part of the project design we focused on delivering:

  • Effective and consistent climate control
  • A multi-unit system able to provide even comfort throughout the building
  • A quiet yet powerful heating & cooling system

What We Did

Bluebird’s administration block is a large-scale office building in which a lot of the operational efforts of the company take place. With this and the key objectives in mind we got to work in designing a complex, 3 pipe Daikin VRV system consisting of 18 units in total. The use of a VRV Heat Pump System meant that extensive climate control was possible, and we could operate the 18-unit system at high levels of capacity.

A mix of Ducted and Cassette heat pumps were used throughout the office space as they provide even levels of air distribution while being both powerful, quiet, and barely noticeable. The system also has an easy-to-access control panel that lets the user control the entire system, including each individual unit to make sure the right temperatures and comfort levels are achieved across the facility.

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