Ducted Heat Pumps

Ducted Heat Pumps are the ultimate heating solution for homes, large industrial facilities and all sorts of commercial projects.

Ducted Heat Pump systems involve are large interior unit that sits inside the ceiling connected to a series of ducts which control the flow of air throughout a building. These ducts are almost unnoticeable and connect each of the rooms inside the building to the central unit. When in use, the system operates in almost complete silence, allowing you to fully relax as the room is heated or cooled to the perfect temperature.

Ducted Heat Pumps are one of the most effective HVAC systems of the 21st century, offering powerful performance crossed with excellent cooling ability and an even flow of air to control the entire area.

What are the benefits of Ducted Heat Pumps?

  • Quiet operation
  • Even airflow throughout the entire building
  • Several rooms are controlled by one unit
  • Zoning for specific rooms can be set up via the control panel
  • Wall-mounted thermostat allows for convenient control
  • Air ducts/outlets are easy to install and can be moved with ease
  • Unobtrusive design
  • Able to be configured in multi-zone systems for larger buildings

What applications do Ducted
Heat Pumps have?

Ducted Heat Pumps are one of the newest systems to be used in the cooling and heating of buildings. Their unobtrusive design, crossed with complete climate control of multiple rooms through only one unit allows you to manage the entire environment of your building at the touch of a single button. Within the console, zoning can also be enabled allowing you to control which of the rooms are heated or cooled to maximise the efficiency of the system overall.

What areas should Ducted
Heat Pumps be used for?

These systems are great solutions for any and all projects including homes, offices, high rise buildings, commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Through Ducted systems you are able to seamlessly control an entire buildings climate. Because of the installation process and advanced system layout these are one of the most effective options when first designing a new project as the building can be planned with this system in mind.

What Brands of Ducted Heat Pumps are there?

There are three brands of heat pumps that we provide, each of which is a leader in the New Zealand air conditioning industry, providing top quality and comfort in each of their machines.

Daikin is one of New Zealand’s longest standing and most trusted names in heat pumps and air conditioning. Daikin are specialists in making any environment feel as comfortable as home.

Mitsubishi offers top of the range technology in each of their heat pumps. Their commitment to quality has led them to creating some of the most comfortable and quiet machines available.

Toshiba is the leader in environmental innovation and technology for air conditioning. Toshiba provides efficient and cost minimising air conditioners and heat pumps each with sleek and modern designs.

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