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High Wall Heat Pumps

High Wall Heat Pumps are the most popular type of heat pump. The long-range air flow is perfect for heating living rooms and office spaces.


Cassette Heat Pumps sit in the roof blending into the interior and offering a 4 way airflow for even temperature control.

Floor Console

Floor Console Heat Pumps are quiet yet powerful heat pumps that sit on the floor. These are easy to clean and great for homes or office spaces.

Under Ceiling

Under Ceiling Heat pumps that sit under the ceiling offering long-range air conditioning and allow you to maximise shelf space in industrial and commercial buildings.


Ducted systems are extremely quiet and powerful systems that sit inside ceilings. Ducted systems are great for bringing fresh air into a room and are perfect for any environment.

Multi Systems

Multiple indoor pumps connected to one outdoor unit. These are ideal for anyone wanting to save space outside their buildings.

VRV / VRF Heat Pump Systems

Energy efficient systems offering extensive climate control. Often used in large commercial and industrial facilities.

VRV/VRF Heat Recovery Systems

Highly energy and cost efficient. These systems offer great climate control and reuse heat as it flows.

Roof Top Packaged Units

Indoor and outdoor units packed into one simple system. Effective for heating large, open areas through multiple outlets.


Highly cost efficient refrigeration systems uniquely tailored to the requirements of industrial and commercial facilities.

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