Multi Systems

Multi Systems are a collection of multiple indoor units connected to one singular outdoor unit. The indoor units can be any combination of heat pumps including High Wall, Cassette and Floor Consoles. Together, the internal units are all connected to the outside unit and this saves both space and installation costs as only one external unit needs to be installed.

Great for saving space on the outside of your building, Multi Systems allow you to control the temperature of multiple rooms, heating and cooling the entire environment while only needing one external unit.

What are the benefits of Multi Systems?

  • Only requires one external unit
  • Multiple room solution
  • Can control climate of multiple rooms with only one system
  • Installation is more cost-efficient than split systems
  • System can be customised with different types of pumps
  • Effective for large buildings
  • Maximises space of the building’s exterior
  • Maintenance is more convenient as only one external unit needs servicing

What applications do Multi
Systems have?

Multi Systems are an excellent solution for heating and cooling multiple rooms as different pumps can be connected to the same system to suit the needs and aesthetic design of the rooms in which they are placed. With only one external unit, these systems are also more cost efficient to install than split systems.

What areas should Multi Systems
be used for?

Often used in large-scale buildings, these systems offer efficient climate control while maximising the leftover space of a building’s exterior with only one unit needing to be installed outside. Because of how customisable the entire design can be, Multi Systems are an optimal solution for many different types of projects including residential houses, commercial buildings and industrial factories.

What Brands of Multi-Systems are there?

There are three brands of heat pump systems that we provide each of which can be configured into a multi-system, and they are all leaders in the New Zealand air conditioning industry, providing top quality and comfort in each of their machines.

Daikin is one of New Zealand’s longest standing and most trusted names in heat pumps and air conditioning. Daikin are specialists in making any environment feel as comfortable as home.

Mitsubishi offers top of the range technology in each of their heat pumps. Their commitment to quality has led them to creating some of the most comfortable and quiet machines available.

Toshiba is the leader in environmental innovation and technology for air conditioning. Toshiba provides efficient and cost minimising air conditioners and heat pumps each with sleek and modern designs.

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