Floor Console Heat Pumps

Floor Consoles are a type of heat pump that sit on the floor against a wall. These work in a two part system just like High Wall and Cassette pumps, however they do not affect the structure of the building as they are not weighing down on the walls or ceiling. Due to their positioning, the effects of these heat pumps are usually more noticeable than other systems as the air they control is pushed directly frontwards to a level people can feel and it then naturally rises up throughout the room.

Floor Console systems are very easy to install, operate and most of all, to clean as they are placed in convenient and easy positions that anyone can reach.

What are the benefits Floor Console Heat Pumps?

  • Quiet and energy efficient
  • Able to be configured in multi-zone systems for larger buildings
  • Easy to clean filters
  • Can be tucked away in corners to be more aesthetically discreet
  • Can be recessed into a wall
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Single room solutions
  • Convenient placement is highly accessible

What applications do Floor Console
Heat Pumps have?

Floor Console Heat Pumps are great alternatives to ceiling and High Wall Heat Pumps as well as less conventional heating options such as fireplaces and radiators. Their convenient positioning on the ground makes them highly accessible to any user and this, alongside their easy to clean filters, makes them a great option for people who may have trouble accessing other heat pump systems such as the elderly or disabled.

What areas should Floor Console
Heat Pumps be used for?

Floor Console Heat Pumps work well in residential homes and certain projects such as commercial offices or classrooms. As they are installed on the lower section of a wall they are effective when there is lots of available floor space. When positioning the pump it is important to remember that furniture should not be placed in front of it otherwise it will interfere with the airflow and reduce the effectiveness of the unit overall.

What Brands of Floor Console Heat Pumps are there?

There are three brands of heat pumps that we provide, each of which is a leader in the New Zealand air conditioning industry, providing top quality and comfort in each of their machines.

Daikin is one of New Zealand’s longest standing and most trusted names in heat pumps and air conditioning. Daikin are specialists in making any environment feel as comfortable as home.

Mitsubishi offers top of the range technology in each of their heat pumps. Their commitment to quality has led them to creating some of the most comfortable and quiet machines available.

Toshiba is the leader in environmental innovation and technology for air conditioning. Toshiba provides efficient and cost minimising air conditioners and heat pumps each with sleek and modern designs.

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