Refrigeration Systems

When it comes to Commercial Refrigeration Systems there are two main types of products depending on what you require. Walk-in Freezer and Cool Rooms are rooms in which large amounts of products can be stored and chilled in one area. The other type are Upright Refrigerated Cabinets which hold a set amount of product, ready and accessible to employees out in stock rooms and also customers in a retail setting. Often these products are paired together to create a custom refrigeration system that houses stock in a climate controlled area.

These Commercial Refrigeration Systems are an essential part of hospitality, food retail and catering industries. Whether it needs to be accessible, flexible in size, safe, theft proof, and most of all able to cool your goods we are able to design a tailored system, bespoke to you, your products and your business’s needs. Just get in contact with us today on what you require.

What are the benefits of Refrigeration Systems?

  • Provide a sleek and simple way of displaying products
  • Improved accessibility
  • Effective for large chilled storage needs
  • Customised to suit the needs of your facility
  • Enhanced safety features available including deadbolt locking handles
  • Combination of upright chillers and walk-in coolers can be designed and installed within one system
  • The most effective option for housing perishable goods

What applications do Refrigeration
Systems have?

Refrigeration Systems are most effective for commercial businesses operating with perishable foods as they offer a way in which perishable products can be housed and accessed by customers and employees alike. These systems can be used in a variety of industries and they are best suited for catering, food retail, hospitality and restaurants.

What areas should Refrigeration
Systems be used for?

Refrigeration Systems can be used in many different areas as they can be designed to suit the requirements of the space provided. This means that from anywhere between a small scale dairy to a large scale supermarket, a series of walk-in coolers and upright cabinet chillers can be designed together to provide a comprehensive solution to your business’s needs.

What Brands of Refrigeration Systems are there?

There are three brands of refrigeration technologies that we provide, each of which are innovators and have been leaders in the market both in New Zealand and globally for over 50 years.

An innovator in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, BITZER Market leaders and the experts in providing efficient and sustainable refrigeration technology.

L’unite Hermitique is owned by Tecumseh, a globally recognised leader creating commercial refrigeration products focused on reliability and industry-leading performance.

Established in 1923, Patton is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of the highest quality refrigeration and mechanical products for all of New Zealand as well as Asia and the Pacific.

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