Our Story

"Karma - Do good and good will always return..." Feroz Khan, Our CEO's Mantra

Comfort Cooling is testament to the hard work, dedication and commitment to doing good of our CEO, Feroz Khan. From his first job working for Mechanical Services in his native island home of Fiji, Feroz has always been inspired to strive for excellence in any task he was assigned. While in the role he qualified and trained in HVAC and refrigeration installations & management as well as working across many other mechanical projects.

In the year 2000 Feroz arrived in New Zealand and began working at Aquaheat Industries Ltd alongside long-time friend and mentor, David Cotham. David became the driving force for Feroz starting Comfort Cooling. After 7 years of hard work and itching for something new, David, who had left the company 3 years earlier, suggested that with the experience and knowledge Feroz had gained, it was time to go solo.

One year later Feroz took David’s advice, leaving Aquaheat with a second-hand Toyota Hiace to launch Comfort Cooling Limited out his own garage.

He started out by contracting as an installer for ACS. Slowly he began to recruit new staff, building the integrity of the business while his wife, Sabreen, helped with admin while on maternity leave for their second child.

Comfort Cooling began taking on service and maintenance jobs while further expanding its size by training and inducting more technicians into the business. From humble and varied beginnings, Comfort Cooling is now based in Manukau with a team of 16 people – and we continue to grow! Our Wellington branch launched earlier this year so the Comfort Cooling brand and commitment to excellence, integrity, and doing ‘good’ covers even more of the North Island.

Both Feroz and Sabreen are proud of how far Comfort Cooling has come, from a tiny Auckland garage with one van to a full-sized team of expert technicians operating across 2 offices in the North Island. It has been a journey of hard work and dedication – but it has been incredibly fulfilling for the Khan family and the Comfort Cooling team.