Health and Safety

To ensure that all of our work is carried out safely and to a high standard, our team is focused on following strict Health & Safety rules at all times. When arriving at a site, all of our staff put on their standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gear. Without it we do not allow them to carry out any work otherwise this could result in injury, especially when working on heights or with gas and electrical equipment which our staff undergo extensive training to do.

Across our projects we have teams split between maintenance and installation and for all the work they carry out Health & Safety must be one of their main priorities. To ensure our H&S standards are clearly understood and rigorously followed by the technicians, we have a Health & Safety Manager who overlooks any and all challenging work they do throughout the ongoing projects. Our team’s safety, alongside the safety of anyone else working on or near a project at the same time is the utmost focus for our H&S Manager.

For all of our work, our technicians follow a strict, in-depth series of standards in the form of a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) which is used each and every day to guide how we design, install, maintain and service HVAC systems. This statement includes installation and servicing of air conditioning & refrigeration equipment, handling of hazardous materials, general operation of power tools, working with heights and electrical wiring and Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) methods.